Seasonal variation in night blindness incidence among Union soldiers in the US Civil War

Conclusions: Nutritional night blindness occurred in a seasonal pattern among soldiers forced to subsist on nutritionally inadequate diets. The seasonal pattern is consistent with seasonal variations in the availability of foodstuffs with high vitamin A or provitamin A content, superimposed on marginal vitamin A reserves, and possibly exacerbated by co-occurring seasonal patterns of diarrheal disease….

Attention “blinks” differently for plants and animals.

Attention “blinks” differently for plants and animals. CBE Life Sci Educ. 2014;13(3):437-43 Authors: Balas B, Momsen JL Abstract Plants, to many, are simply not as interesting as animals. Students typically prefer to study animals rather than plants and recall plants more poorly, and plants are underrepresented in the classroom. The observed paucity of interest for…