Neurotrophic Factors for Retinal Ganglion Cell Neuropathy – With a Special Reference to Diabetic Neuropathy in The Retina.


Authors: Bikbova G, Oshitari T, Baba T, Yamamoto S
Diabetes mellitus is a disease with a devastating impact on population. Recent data revealed that early retinal neuropathy in patients with diabetic retinopathy involved a reduced expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Retinal ganglion cells (RGC) neuropathy is a progressive optic nerve neuropathy with RGC death and axonal degeneration, and it leads to blindness in the elderly population worldwide. Thus, neuroprotective therapies that rescue damaged RGCs and inhibit the progression of RGC loss and axonal degeneration are needed. This review introduces potential neuroprotective therapies using different neurotrophic factors for damaged RGC in eyes with RGC neuropathy associated diseases.
PMID: 24809393 [PubMed…