Battle of the senses


A question that seems to be of intrigueIs asked about some truly big leagueComposers who could hardly hear,And painters whose eyesight was not at all clear.1Edgar Degas and Charles MonetHad nothing good at all to sayAbout their sight, as it grew faint,And made it extremely hard to paint.Ludwig Beethoven also complainedAs hearing failed and tinnitus pained.But he kept composing when his ears went deadAnd his greatest works were still ahead.The reason is that he had availableA surrogate for music playable:He could read a musical score and “hear”As if he still had a working ear.In fact, what makes a deaf composerStop his work and lose composure,Is not the silence, but noise internal:Tinnitus with screams infernal.Now one might think that a loss of visionShould not affect a composing music…

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