Beyond Me Mind blindness, or difficulty seeing another person’s perspective, underpins much of the social difficulty of autism. Interventions that open children’s eyes to others’ points of view show promise for improving their social functioning.


Charlie* is not having a good day. At all. The puffy-faced 5-year-old, who bears a strong resemblance to little “Mikey” of Life cereal fame, didn’t want to come to social skills group in the first place. But his mother made him. Even after he bawled, wailed and clearly made it known that he needed to finish watching his favorite movie, “Cars.” Needed to not be dragged out on this cold, snowy February day.But drag him out she did.Now here he is in this strange room with the two other kids he doesn’t really know and the train set he can play with only if he’s allowed to by this nice-enough-but-kind-of-demanding lady—this “Ms. Lauren,” who insists that he say her name and look her in the eyes. And who now says he has to share all the trains he worked so hard to grab from t…

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