Current endovascular treatment options for central retinal arterial occlusion: a review.

Authors: Agarwal N, Gala NB, Karimi RJ, Turbin RE, Gandhi CD, Prestigiacomo CJ
Central retinal artery occlusion, although relatively rare, is an ophthalmological emergency. If left untreated, complete blindness will ensue. Conventional therapies have not significantly improved outcomes compared with the natural history of the disease. Several case series of more recent endovascular approaches, such as intraarterial fibrinolysis, report successful outcomes. Still other studies regarding intraarterial fibrinolysis do not demonstrate any significantly better outcomes, with some even indicating increased complication rates. Therefore, the authors present a review of the current endovascular treatment options for central retinal artery occlusion.
PMID: 24380484 [PubMed – i…