[New concepts for pressure-controlled glaucoma implants.]


Authors: Allemann R, Stachs O, Falke K, Schmidt W, Siewert S, Sternberg K, Chichkov B, Wree A, Schmitz KP, Guthoff RF
In industrialized countries glaucoma is one of the most common causes that leads to blindness. It is also the most common cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. In addition to local treatment of intraocular pressure and filtering glaucoma surgery, alloplastic implants are increasingly being used in glaucoma therapy. As long-term results published in the literature of commonly used implants are unsatisfactory, it seems useful to search for new concepts. In order to avoid the well-known short-term and long-term postoperative complications a pressure-controlled microstent with antiproliferative surface modifications was developed. Additionally, the functio…