Effect of acute and chronic bilateral visual deafferentation on c-Fos immunoreactivity in the visual system of adult rats.


Authors: Wiedmann R, Rosahl SK, Brinker T, Samii M, Nakamura M
In our study we examined acute and chronic changes in c-Fos expression patterns in the visual system of the rat after complete visual deafferentation. In 20 male Lewis rats, the retro-bulbar part of the optic nerve was sectioned bilaterally. Ten animals underwent c-Fos immunohistochemistry after 3 days and 10 animals after 3 weeks examining time-dependent changes. The control group consisted of 10 animals, which did not undergo any surgical manipulation. c-Fos expression in the rat visual system experienced significant changes after acute and chronic bilateral complete visual deafferentation. Acute decrease in c-Fos level was observed in the ventral lateral geniculate nucleus, intergeniculate leaflet, superfi…