An x-ray scattering study into the structural basis of corneal refractive function in an avian model.


Authors: Morgan SR, Dooley EP, Hocking PM, Inglehearn CF, Ali M, Sorensen TL, Meek KM, Boote C
Avian vision diseases in which eye growth is compromised are helping to define what governs corneal shape and ultrastructural organization. The highly specific collagen architecture of the main corneal layer, the stroma, is believed to be important for the maintenance of corneal curvature and hence visual quality. Blindness enlarged globe (beg) is a recessively inherited condition of chickens characterized by retinal dystrophy and blindness at hatch, with secondary globe enlargement and loss of corneal curvature by 3-4 months. Here we define corneal ultrastructural changes as the beg eye develops posthatch, using wide-angle x-ray scattering to map collagen fibril orientation acr…