Time Trends in the Incidence and Causes of Blindness in Israel

In a recent issue of the Journal, we published an article showing that the age-standardized incidence rate of newly registered legal blindness in Israel was halved in the decade between 1999 and 2008, declining from 33.8 to 16.6 per 100 000 in 2008. This dramatic decrease was attributed to a decreased incidence of blindness resulting from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, diabetic maculopathy and retinopathy, and cataract. These data were obtained from the national registry of people who were issued a personal certificate of blindness by the Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs to all individuals who meet the criteria of legal blindness: visual acuity of less than 3/60 or a visual field of less than 20 degrees in the less-impaired eye. We recently analyzed the data for the ye…MedWorm Sponsor Message: Find the best Christmas presents and January Sales in the UK with this simple shopping directory.
Source: Blindness